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Our practice focuses on healthcare from a holistic perspective. Each patient's care is individualized and is tailored specifically to meet their needs, as each person is different. What we find is that many individuals limit themselves and their results due to them thinking that health is just ONE thing. There are several things that contribute to your health, and that is why we have designed our care plans to include many of the major factors that Here you will find a list of our Techniques & Services which will be explained in more detail at your first visit to our office.



The goal of our One-On-One Wellness Training is to evaluate where you stand in your wellness journey. We realize that taking control of your health, and also being educated about your body and the things that affect your health are important; therefore, we designed this portion of our practice to help better service you. It is important that you are an advocate for your health, so we want to assist you in better understanding what things may or may not be contributing towards your wellness goals. In this part of the Trinity of Holistic Health, we focus on training your thoughts to become the things that you have set as goals. This part of the trinity is also designed to assist you in undercovering parts of your journey that you have yet to consider. The first step to achieving wellness is training your BRAIN to understand and accept the changes that must be made in order to be completely healthy. This is why the One-on-One Wellness Training is such an important part of our holistic program and packages.


Everyone on the quest to being healthier typically puts a lot of emphasis on eating healthy. The problem is that many are not educated properly on the foods that they are putting into their bodies. Not only this, but some may be eating fairly healthy but still experience health challenges. Typical barriers to healing include: allergies, weakened immune system, and effects on the body from toxic chemicals and metals in the body. A normal and properly functioning body heals naturally from most types of conditions - whether illness or injury. When the body is not able to heal naturally, the barriers of healing need to be assessed. This is where Nutrition Response Testing and Systems Strength Analysis come into play.

Most health challenges can be traced to nutritional deficiences, meaning that the body is missing some important nutrient needed in order for it to function properly. Nutrition Response Testing and Systems Strength Analysis zero in on the underlying causes of decreased function and illness in the body. These tools are safe, effective, and allow us to design a unique nutritional program for each individual that is considered a good candidate.

If you are fighting constant illness, have decreased energy, chronic pain, digestive issues, problems losing weight, need pregnancy nutritional support, etc. let Dr. Woodruff help you determine what your body needs in order for you to maintain or reclaim your health.


So what is chiropractic? There are many misconceptions about chiropractic - one being that its services revolve only around back pain and neck pain; however, chiropractic holds a lot more power! Chiropractic was founded upon the principle that your body is a self-healing, self-regulating and self-maintaining organism. As long as your nervous system is free from interference, the body is able to do what it knows how to do best which is HEAL ITSELF! Every person has an inborn potential also known as innate intelligence. This innate intelligence is what allows our heart to pump blood, our children to be able to play sports, and our intestines to digest our food. There is no system or process in your body that is not controlled by your body's innate intelligence and nervous system.

Innate intelligence is expressed through your nervous system. The nervous system consists of your brain, your spinal cord and all of the nerves exiting your spine and traveling throughout your entire body. Chiropractors are interested in the health and function of your nervous system because it serves as the connection between your brain and spinal cord - which controls EVERY CELL, ORGAN AND TISSUE in your body! It is the connection between your brain and your body, which makes it a pretty big deal.

The body is so perfectly designed that because your brain, spinal cord and the nerves associated with your body are so fragile - your nervous system was designed to be protected by bones in the body (specifically your skull and spinal column/spine). Unfortunately, misalignments of the spine can occur and create torquing and twisting of the spine, which then creates irritation of the nerves that exit the spinal column. When this happens - the signals from the brain to the body and from the body to the brain are distorted. This type of misalignment is called a SUBLUXATION.

So, what does it mean if you have a subluxation? This means that you have a disturbance, disconnection or interference of signals/communication between the brain and the body. Subluxations are not always always felt. In fact, the majority of them go unnoticed until the body expresses the interference as the perception of pain, illness or less than optimal health. In order to correct subluxations, an chiropractic analysis is perfermed followed by adjustments to relieve the nerve interference. During a specific and scientific adjustment, the doctor applies a gentle force to the bone in order to "unlock" the joint from its improper position.

The goal of chiropractic care is to detect and remove subluxations from your spine allowing the nervous system to function properly, the body to move better, and the body's innate intelligence to do its job.

Come in today and get you and your family checked for subluxation!
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