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Due to multiple neck and back injuries suffered during my service as a U.S. Marine, I was prone to frequent bouts of neck immobility and pain. I was unable to turn my head and was suffering extreme pain when I met Dr. Woodruff. She performed a thorough exam of my spine, and was able to identify the misalignment and subluxations that were the source of my discomfort. After three months of continuous treatment, Dr. Woodruff restored the mobility that I had been lacking for years and eliminated the constant pain from which I suffered. Dr. Woodruff always listened and was extremely attentive to my problems and concerns, and her treatments were always very specific to my particular needs. She is one of the most genuine and caring people I have ever met, and she went to great lengths to accommodate my particular needs and schedule. - Brian W.

I went to see Dr. Woodruff for low back pain a couple of times while in town because I currently live out of state and was interested in seeing someone who would explain the benefits of chiropractic and the process to me in a manner that I could understand. She explained to me how the process of the appointment and the adjustment would go and the benefits I could expect to experience. I noticed relief immediately after the first appointment. I felt Dr. Woodruff was very professional, thorough, and a tremendous help to me in understanding what was happening with my body. I think that everyone should see a chiropractor for regular care if they experience any kind of pain, health issues, or if they just want to stay healthy. I look forward to the next time I am in town and can go see Dr. Woodruff for follow up care. - Gina B.

I took my daughter to see Dr. Woodruff after experiencing many ear infections. We had ear surgery scheduled for tubes, which we went through with, but that didnt stop the infections. It slowed them down, but they still happened. I decided to try the chiropractic approach with my daughter, and being familiar with Dr. Woodruff myself, I felt very comfortable letting her work on my daughter. She was very good with my daughter who is only 2 years old. She was very gentle, and adjusted my daughter with such a warming bedside manner. Her interaction with my daughter was very playful, caring and understanding in the fact that she is a baby. I cant wait to get my daughter and I both back in to see Dr. Woodruff. - M.B. & G.B.

I recently returned to school full time and was experiencing anxiety attacks, pain, insomnia and an inability to focus. I knew that I couldn't succeed with these kinds of challenges, so I paid a visit to Dr. Shawna Woodruff. She explained to me how stress, an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and inadequate rest can negatively affect the human body. Then she explained how chiropractic treatment adjusts the alignment of the body; and therefore, helps the body to work as it should. She adjusted me, helped me to create a good nutrition plan, and discussed with me how to relieve the stress I was experiencing. As a result, I am sleeping better and eating healthier; I am calmer; and I have lost 12 pounds so far. Kudos to Dr. Woodruff! - Monique S.

For the past six years, I had suffered with severe sinus issues. I felt as if I was at the end of my rope because the medications didn't seem to work effectively. Just as I was about to settle in and decide to "live" with the nasal stuffiness, headaches, and my diagnosis of Meniere's Disease, someone recommended that I visit Dr. Shawna Woodruff. Dr. Woodruff explained the history of chiropractic and how everything in the body is connected. She adjustmented me, and I immediately felt relaxed and more calm. Additionally, I noticed a difference in my breathing and hearing each time I received an adjustment. My decision to visit Dr. Woodruff was a great one! - J.S.

My five year old son had been sick for over two years. Earaches, bronchitis, pneumonia, the list goes on and on. After about a year and a half of this, his medical doctor had put him on at least fifteen rounds of antibiotics and three prescription medications. Nothing was working. He was just getting worse and never fully recovering from one sickness to the next. So, he was sent to an ENT to see what they could do. After seeing my child one time for a thirty minute visit, surgery was the method they chose. Needless to say taking the tonsils and adenoids out surgically was not something that sat very well with me. So, what does any mother do that feels lost and confused do? Ask everyone on Facebook! Dr. Woodruff told me to bring him to see her and so I did. Dr. Woodruff adjusted him for his sinus issues and also found that he had scoliosis. She also recommended that we make some major dietary changes as a family - by eating gluten free foods and eliminating dairy products in order to allow for better digestion and function of our bodies. So, I took my baby home and changed the entire family's diet. Within two weeks, I saw results!! He has not had one coughing fit since. No more groggy mornings from all the medication. No more runny nose. Just as she explained to me - we are helping his body to heal itself. I am so thankful for Dr. Woodruff. She has given me my son back. - Tiffany O..

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