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Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)

Nutrition Response Testing is an integrative holistic method that uses different points on the surface of your body as a roadmap to reveal and optimize the level of health and flow of energy in each and every organ of your body. Dr. Woodruff uses Nutrition Response Testing to uncover problematic factors, deficiencies, allergies and imbalances that could be affecting you, even on a subtle level. Dr. Woodruff contacts specific body points with her hand, then tests how successfully your reflexes respond.

If the specific reflex point being contacted needs nutritional support, your nervous system will respond by directing energy away from the arm/leg being used for testing. Slower, delayed reflexes signify underlying dysfunction, and have the ability to reveal the root causes of your health problems. With Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Woodruff will identify which areas in your body are the weakest, which ones need nutritional support first, and which foods help, or even work against you in your pathway to health and lifestyle empowerment.

Nutrition Response Testing is an integrative holistic approach used to determine exactly which functional medicine - whole food nutrition, homeopathic, herbal medicine, or integrative medicine you need to correct the underlying causes of your health concerns. Even weight loss!

Dr. Woodruff helps you to achieve optimal health and wellness by addressing the root causes, and not just symptoms. Her patients experience health and lifestyle empowerment with lasting results, all within a satisfying, realistic time frame.

Your Exam (Functional Nutrition Analysis):

Your Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) analysis is where we clinically determine your exact functional nutrition, or detoxifying needs. This is a whole body, integrative, physical type of exam. Our detailed exam is what distinguishes us from any other healthcare professional focusing on nutrition. Whatever your current level of health, our task is to empower you.
After your nutrition response testing analysis is complete we will ask you to return to our office for your full explanation of findings. Dr. Woodruff will have prepared a written report for you and will present you with choices for care, if care is recommended for you.

Schedule your Nutrition Response Testing appointment today
by calling our office: 770-648-7445.

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Are you tired of subscribing to fad diets that don't work? Do you work out consistently, and still fail to see the results you are looking for? Do you have a fairly "healthy" diet, but still can't lose the pounds?
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