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R.J. Hodges
Certified Personal Development Coach, Mental Nutrtion Trainer

R.J. Hodges is a professional speaker, certified life coach, and the creator of a coaching system known as L.I.F.E. (Living in Full Existence) Education. RJ specializes in the personal and professional development of adults as well as youth. RJ has a main focus when it comes to empowerment, and he primarily assists with perspectives, perception, and the way people think about their lives. Taking a holistic approach has proven to be most beneficial for his clients, helping them to not just focus on professional success but build a fulfilled life by not neglecting other areas. Over the years, RJ has discovered that in order to build a life that is balanced and truly fulfilled attention must be given to: spirituality, physical health and wellness, professional purpose driven achievement, and building healthy relationships. RJ Hodges has been internationally recognized in the United States and the United Kingdom for his proven L.I.F.E. Education System. Highly trained and skilled at teaching individuals how to build a quality mindset, overcome depression, think in line with what they want in life, develop their talents, and make proper decisions that lead to accomplishment; RJ brings a level of knowledge, confidence, excitement and enthusiasm to people that is simply undeniable.

Taking a light-hearted approach coupled with a sense of humor to teach rather serious and vital principles is what RJ does best. Ultimately, he believes in showing people how to unlock their winner status, which is simply a hidden wisdom everyone possesses, which ultimately will lead to a better quality of life. RJ has been speaking to audiences on empowerment and leadership since the age of eighteen, and was also inspired at that time to launch his first business in direct sales; assisting individuals with getting into business for themselves, sales techniques, and how to increase their net worth by increasing their network. RJ Hodges also spent eleven years as a litigation consultant at one of the top law firms in the United States. The experience of how to run a successful business, coupled with a background in Corporate America, makes RJ an ideal speaker to help organizations develop systems and leadership to thrive in any climate. To date, over the course of a fourteen year time span, RJ has spoken to an infinite amount of individuals, businesses, non profits, and youth organizations throughout the world about how to change their perspectives in order to manifest what they desire in life. These experiences have also given RJ his foundation for coaching individuals about the stress that comes with everyday life and how to manage it, and eliminate it.

RJ Hodges is the founder and president of BORN II WIN, LLC and the L.I.F.E. Education System located in the Atlanta, Georgia area of the United States and the Sheffield area of the United Kingdom. He is also the author of Winner Status, a series of audio books that deal with mindset, perception, leadership and beliefs. RJ is extremely excited to join the team at Conyers Holistic Chiropractic & Nutrition to provide one-on-one wellness training to you and your family! RJ believes in the philosophy that when you service the brain, body, and spine it is the gateway to limitless success, health, and overall wellness..

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