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Dr. Shawna D. Woodruff


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Dr. Shawna Woodruff
Chiropractor, Nutrition Response Consultant & Holistic Wellness Coach

Dr. Shawna Woodruff grew up in the charming and historic city of Madison, GA where she was both born and raised. Dr. Woodruff knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a doctor in hopes of better serving her community by educating both the young and old how to lead healthy lifestyles in order to prevent disease, disorders and illness. She completed her Undergraduate/Pre-Med studies at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia with a major in Biology, a minor Chemistry, and a concentration of Pre-Med studies. After her studies, Dr. Woodruff planned to attend medical school; however, after working with several medical doctors, she became frustrated with the direction of Western Medicine while watching practitioners medicate their patients unnecessarily, and suggest surgical procedures that she felt could have been addressed naturally first. After realizing that medical school was not the route that was best for not only her own interest, but also the interest of the people she wished to serve, she continued her education at Life University College of Chiropractic in Marietta, GA where she obtained her Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. Dr. Woodruff fell in love with chiropractic because it was founded upon the principle that the body is a SELF-healing, SELF-maintaining organism. At last, there was a way to assist patients without drugs or surgery and she knew that this was how she wanted to serve her community!

Outside of her studies at Life University, Dr. Woodruff engaged in several hours of Clinical Nutrition seminars and classes. She obtained a certificate in Nutrition Response Testing, and also completed courses on Systems Strength Analysis, both allowing her the ability to assist her patients from a nutritional perspective using muscle testing and whole food nutritional supplementation. Dr. Woodruff is also National Board Certified in Physiotherapeutics, which serves to assist her in treating patients that have suffered from injuries, or those that may need additional modalities to assist with healing (such as: ultrasound, laser, and electrical stimulation). She has also performed countless hours of research on the care of pediatric patients and mothers during pregnancy, realizing that our road to wellness begins in the womb. She is also a published author of the research article which was published in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health entitled: Resolution of a Motor Tic Disorder in a 7-year-old Female Following Subluxation
Based Chiropractic Care: A Case Report
. Read Publication..

After seeing the universal connection between the brain, the body and the spine, it became evident to Dr. Woodruff that only when all 3 of these components live harmoniously can an individual achieve true health! These 3 components are The Trinity of Health. To better assist her patients through the journey of The Trinity of Health, Dr. Woodruff is also a Certified Life & Holistic Wellness Coach. This allows her the ability to serve patients as a coach, while assisting them through step-by-step process of commitment to overall health as well as addressing other barriers, which may prevent an individual from achieving their set goals. Dr. Woodruff serves as a holistic health care provider with only the intention "to give, love and serve out of a sense of abundance", as taught by Life University College of Chiropractic, and is truly excited to serve Conyers and the surrounding areas!

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